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Suntan Strong Promotion - Interference Suppression Film X2 Capacitor TS08S

Suntan has specially developed a new series of X2 capacitors TS08S series with metalized polypropylene films for interference suppression. These capacitors are designed for voltages of 275VAC, specified for temperatures from -40 to +100 °C, capacitance range extended from 1 nF to 2.2 µF, or customized as requested. This new X2 series provide interference suppression with CE & TUV and UL safety approvals. Their Typical applications include power supplies of all types, lamp ballasts and EMC filters.

Currently TS08S is Suntan strong promoting product, with our best support always. Welcome to send new inquiries from our old and new customers!

Further information on the products presented here will be found at http://www.suntan.com.hk/pdf/Plastic-Film-Capacitors/TS08S.pdf