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Suntan Mini Box Type, 5mm pitch size, stacked. MKT polyester film capacitors - Ammo Pack

What do you think of these Army queues of "soldiers" with box shape 2 leads?

At the first sight they look like the keys of the piano, drum them, get the music, second thought they should be keys of Keyboard, type them, show the words.

So, actually, these are just Ammo pack of capacitors, of Suntan Brand.

Box type mini size can rightly show them in symmetrical layout, how about the features then?


1, Small size can be compacted favourably with the stacked film capacitors

2, Low loss and good stability

3, Long life due to excellent self-healing

4, Operating Temperature Range -55°C ~ 105°C

5, Pitch 5mm only.

6, Applied to DC impulse and pulse circuits

Cross Arcotronics Kemet R82, Epcos B32529, Vishay MKT370, MKT365-367...

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