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Suntan Re-start to Offer BOX-MPP Capacitor - TS07B

From Oct. 22, 2012, Suntan re-started to offer TS07B series - MEALLIZED POLYPROPYLENE FILM CAPACITOR BOX TYPE. Comparing with normal polyester and polypropylene capacitor, this series has typical features as below. With more and more production lines expanding, Suntan believe customers and us will get mutual benefit. Welcome to check our price with our professional sales team!


  1. High reliability at high current stress.
  2. Self-healing properties.
  3. Flame retardant plastic case and epoxy resin.
  4. Low losses, high dv/ dt capability.
  5. High moisture resistance.
  6. High stability of capacitance and long life.

Quick Entrance: http://www.suntan.com.hk/pdf/Plastic-Film-Capacitors/TS07B.pdf