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Suntan Changed Bridge Rectifier KBPC8 Packing Name

Suntan Technology Company Limited

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  • Suntan has changed the packing of the below Bridge rectifiers from KBPC8 to BR-8.For more details, please check their datasheets as followed:

    Single Phase 8.0 AMPS. Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers

    Single Phase 10.0 AMPS. Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers

    Part Number Original Packing Current Packing
    KBPC8005-KBPC806 KBPC8 BR-8
    KBPC808-KBPC810 KBPC8 BR-8
    KBPC10005-KBPC1006 KBPC8 BR-8
    KBPC1008-KBPC1010 KBPC8 BR-8

    And we also have other types of Bridge rectifiers for you to choose http://www.suntan.com.hk/Su-Bridge-Rectifiers/

    If you have intention to place an order, please hurry to contact with us! please do not hesitate to send your inquiries to us by sales@suntan.com.hk