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Suntan LOW ESR Tantalum Capacitor

Our TS20L series is LOW ESR Chip Tantalum Capacitor. This type of capacitor is with 6 different sizes ( S case, A case, B Case, C case, D case, E Case ).

  1. Temperature Range: -55°C~+125°C (>80°C with rated volted darating)
  2. Laser-markec Case
  3. Capacitance tolerance: +/-20%; +/-10% (for special order)
  4. DC leakage at 25°C:1o<=0.01 Cr or 0.5Ma (Whichever is greater)

Above features make it is good for SMT electric board used for telecommunication computer camcorder and mobile phone set and so on.

For details ESR of each item, you can find in our table in Spec http://www.capacitors.hk/Tantalum-Capacitors/TS20L.pdf.