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Suntan Silver Mica cap with high reliability

Mica is one of the oldest dielectric mineralmaterials used in capacitor construction, with very stable electrically, mechanically and chemically. It has a dielectric constant in the range 5–7. Natural mica contains many other materials including, iron, sodium, ferric oxide, and lithium. Because of the variability in composition of natural mica, mica destined for use in capacitors must be carefully inspected and classified, which adds to the manufacturing cost.

Suntan Silver Mica Capacitors are available with values that range from 1–22,000 pF, voltages are in the range 50–1000V for standard dipped mica capacitors. Mica capacitors exhibit very little voltage dependence, have high Q or conversely small power factors that are quite independent of frequency. With all these advantage, our mica capacitors are ideal for high requence and RF applications.