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Suntan Trimmer Potentiometer - 6mm & 8mm Ceramic series

Our new launched Trimmer Potentiometers series TSR-65M, TSR-625, TSR-633, TSR655, TSR-805, TSR-825, TSR-855 are used with below common characters:

  1. 6mm or 8mm Round/ Single-Turn/ Cermet Industrial/ Open Frame
  2. Cross slot adjustment options
  3. Horiontal andvertical mounting styles
  4. Dust resistant/ splash resistant covers
  5. PC board stand-offs and retention feature
  6. Front and top adjust styles

Each series is introduced with different drawing, including typical electrical & environmental Characteristics, mounting detail tolerance, and special resistances are also available.Our these 6mm & 8mm Trimmer series are hot selling with good quality, orders keep increasing each month.

We will have samples show for these new Trimmer Potentiometers in our each upcoming exhibitions, such as in Amper 2008, ElectronicAsia 2008 in Hong Kong, and in Electronica 2008 in Germany. So, welcome to visit our booth also at these fairs. If any questions or inquiries about our products, you could email us to info@capacitors.hk or call us at 852 8202 8782 directly.