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Suntan Y1 & Y2 Capacitor

Suntan Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor - Y Capacitor has two different voltage. one is 250VAC which we call Y2 Capacitor. The other is 400VAC which we call Y1 Capacitor. This Y Capacitor is UL & VDE approved, its superior quality and its compac size make it ideal for across the line applications.

This Y Capacitor actually is a type of Ceramic Capacitors, the outlook is very similar to our TS16 High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor series and the body is blue color also. We are selling big quantity to Europe, North America and South America. The hot selling items are:

  1. 1000pF 250VAC
  2. 2200pF 250VAC
  3. 4700pF 250VAC
  4. 0.01uF 250VAC
  5. 220pF 400VAC
  6. 470pF 400VAC
  7. 2200pF 400VAC
  8. 4700pf 400VAC