Quartz Crystal TSQ-2016SMD

Quartz Crystal TSQ-2016SMDQuartz Crystal TSQ-2016SMD
Following is a Quartz Crystal TSQ-2016SMD specifications and features.

Quartz Crystal TSQ-2016SMD Features

  1. The entire package can be grounded via the top metal lid and the two bottom pads
  2. Small footprint. ldeal for space constrained applications
  3. Exhibits extremely low aging with a high shock & vibration resistance
  4. Quartz Crystal TSQ-2016SMD Applications

  5. Ideally suited for Bluetooth wireless communication sets, HDD, DSN, PDA, GPS, Digital Tune, Wireless LAN and Mobile phone.

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Quartz Crystal TSQ-2016SMD Specifications
Holder Type 2.0x1.6mm Ceramic Surface Mount
Frequency Range 20MHz to 54MHz (Fund.)
Crystal Cut //Load Capacitance AT – Cut // Series or Parallel (8 to 32pF) resonance
Drive Level 10μW typical (100μW max.)
Frequency Tolerance(△F) ±10ppm, ±20ppm or ±30ppm (max.) at 25℃
Aging △F/F: ±3ppm / year (max.)
Storage Temperature Range -50℃ to 105℃