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Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator

Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator. Including crystal oscillators and quartz crystals in a variety of package types. Quartz is a piezoelectric material that moves when placed in an electric field. A quartz crystal is a vibrating piece of quartz. Quartz crystals are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and can range widely in performance specifications. Please refer to below product list of Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator.

Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator Pictures

  • TSQ-1612SMDTSQ-1612SMD
  • TSQ-2016SMDTSQ-2016SMD
  • TSQ-2520SMDTSQ-2520SMD
  • TSQ-3225SMDTSQ-3225SMD
  • TSQ-5032SMDTSQ-5032SMD
  • TSQ-OSC2520TSQ-OSC2520
  • TSQ-OSC3225TSQ-OSC3225
  • TSQ-OSC5032TSQ-OSC5032
  • TSQ-OSC7050TSQ-OSC7050
  • TSQ-3215SMDTSQ-3215SMD
  • TSQ-7015SMDTSQ-7015SMD
  • TSQ-2060DIPTSQ-2060DIP
  • TSQ-3080DIPTSQ-3080DIP
  • TSQ-1T2016TSQ-1T2016
  • TSQ-2T2520TSQ-2T2520
  • TSQ-3S3225TSQ-3S3225
  • TSQ-3T3225TSQ-3T3225
  • TSQ-5S5032TSQ-5S5032
  • TSQ-7S7050TSQ-7S7050
  • TSQ-8T1612TSQ-8T1612

Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator List

  1. TSQ-HC49SQuartz Crystal TSQ-HC49S
  2. TSQ-HC49UQuartz Crystal TSQ-HC49U
  3. TSQ-HC49SMDQuartz Crystal TSQ-HC49SMD
  4. TSQ-1612SMDQuartz Crystal TSQ-1612SMD
  5. TSQ-2016SMDQuartz Crystal TSQ-2016SMD
  6. TSQ-2520SMDQuartz Crystal TSQ-2520SMD
  7. TSQ-3225SMDQuartz Crystal TSQ-3225SMD
  8. TSQ-5032SMDQuartz Crystal TSQ-5032SMD
  9. TSQ-OSC2520Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC2520
  10. TSQ-OSC3225Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC3225
  11. TSQ-OSC5032Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC5032
  12. TSQ-OSC7050Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC7050
  13. TSQ-3215SMDTuning Fork Quartz Crystal in standard package TSQ-3215SMD
  14. TSQ-7015SMDQuartz Crystal 32.768 KHz standard TSQ-7015SMD
  15. TSQ-2060DIPTuning Fork Crystal TSQ-2060DIP
  16. TSQ-3080DIPTuning Fork Crystal TSQ-3080DIP
  17. TSQ-1T2016Thermotonic Crystal Oscillator Tcxo TSQ-1T2016
  18. TSQ-2T2520Thermotonic Crystal Oscillator Tcxo TSQ-2T2520
  19. TSQ-3S3225Differential Crystal Oscillator TSQ-3S3225
  20. TSQ-3T3225Thermotonic Crystal Oscillator Tcxo TSQ-3T3225
  21. TSQ-5S5032Differential Crystal Oscillator TSQ-5S5032
  22. TSQ-7S7050Differential Crystal Oscillator TSQ-7S7050
  23. TSQ-8T1612Thermotonic Crystal Oscillator Tcxo TSQ-8T1612
  24. TSQ-7M,5M,3M,2M,1MQuartz Programmable Crystal Oscillator MEMS TSQ-7M,5M,3M,2M,1M

Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator Features

  1. Low cost
  2. Wide frequency range
  3. Good aging and temperature stability
  4. PB – free & ROHS Compliance
  5. Metal Models
  6. Tight tolerance / stabilities available

Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator Knowledge

Quartz crystals are widely used in today's electronics circuits as high quality tuned circuits or resonators. Such as like GPS,Mobile phones, consumer products,Computers,oil-driling and other high-reliable product applications.Despite their high performance quartz crystals are cheap to produce and they find many uses in applications from oscillator clock circuits in microprocessor boards, the timing element in digital watches as well as their more traditional applications in radio frequency applications where they may be used as the resonators in highly stable quartz crystal oscillators of high performance crystal filters.

As the name implies quartz crystal resonators are made from quartz, a naturally occurring form of silicon, although most of that used for electronics applications is manufactured synthetically these days. The components rely on the remarkable properties of quartz for their operation. When placed into an electronic circuit a crystal acts as a tuned circuit. However it has an exceptionally high Q. Ordinary LC tuned circuits may exhibit values of a few hundred if carefully designed and constructed, but quartz crystals exhibit values of up to 100 000. Apart from their Q, crystals also have a number of other advantages. Their stability is remarkably good with respect to temperature and time. In fact most crystals will have these figures specified and they might typically be 5 ppm (parts per million) per year for the ageing and 30 ppm over a temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator Overview

Quartz crystal resonators are widely used within the electronics industry. They can be used in quartz crystal oscillators and crystal filters where they provide exceptionally high levels of performance. In addition to this, low cost elements with lower tolerance specifications are widely used in crystal oscillators for microprocessor board clocks where they are used as cheap resonator elements. Whatever its use a quartz crystal resonator provides an exceptionally high level of performance for the cost of its production.

Quartz crystals used in radio and electronics circuits are precision electronic components and when buying them it is necessary to be able to specify them precisely. There are normally several elements to a crystal specification, many of which are specific to quartz crystals and not widely used elsewhere in radio applications. Also there are a number of elements to a crystal specification that may be set down by the manufacturer for a given range of crystals and when ordering a component it is necessary to be aware of them.