Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC2520

Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC2520Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC2520
Following is a Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC2520 specifications and features.

Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC2520

  1. Tight frequence tolerance.
  2. CMOS compatible logic levels.
  3. Pin-compatible with standard 2.5×2.0mm packages.
  4. Designed for standard reflow and washing techniques.
  5. Low power standby mode.
  6. Pb-free and RoHS/Green compliant.
  7. Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC2520 Applications

  8. Ideally suited designed for use in Ethernet, network adapter cards, hard disk devices, blue tooth, PCMCIA Cards, Palmtop Computer, Portable Applications.

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Crystal Oscillator TSQ-OSC2520 Specifications
Holder Type 2.5x2.0mm SMD OSCILLATOR
Frequency Range 1.0MHz to 64MHz
Frequency Tolerance ±20ppm to ±50ppm
Supply Voltage 3.3V ±10%※(See Notes)
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ - +70℃ / -40℃ - +85℃
Storage Temperature Range -40℃ - +85℃ /-55℃ - +125℃
Symmetry(Duty Cycle) 45/55 Standard
Current Consumption(15pf only) 1.000Mhz - 49.999Mhz=20mA max
(3.3V) 50.000Mhz - 64.000Mhz=30mA max
Current Consumption(15pf only) 1.000Mhz - 49.999Mhz=15mA max
( 1.8V 2.5V 2.8V ) 50.000Mhz - 64.000Mhz=25mA max
Rise/Fall Time 5 nS max