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Suntan Catalogs

Suntan Technology Company Limited offers all kinds of capacitors. You can find all product information in our online catalog here. Simply click the product category from the below link or click on the catalog book photo accordingly to view for details.

  1. Plastic Film CapacitorsPlastic Film Capacitors
  2. Aluminum E CapacitorsAluminum E Capacitors
  3. Ceramic CapacitorsCeramic Capacitors
  4. Tantalum CapacitorsTantalum Capacitors
  5. Ceramic Trimmer CapacitorsCeramic Trimmer Cap
  6. Trimming PotentiometersTrimmer Potentiometers
  7. VaristorVaristor
  8. Rectifier & DiodeRectifier & Diode
  9. Su Bridge RectifiersSu Bridge Rectifiers
  10. Quartz CrystalQuartz Crystal
  11. SwitchSwitch
  12. X2 Safety CapacitorX2 Capacitor TS08S
  14. Aluminum E CapacitorsAluminum E Capacitors
  15. Motor CapacitorsMotor Capacitors
  16. Suntan Class X2 TS08HX2 Capacitor TS08H