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Suntan Products Meet REACH Compliance

Suntan Technology Company Limited

  • ----All Kinds of Capacitors
  • To meet the requirements for the European market, our following series were tested and confirmed to compliant with REACH‘s restriction on 155 SVHC for limits on hazardous substances.

    * Film Capacitors: TS01 (miniature size is not included), TS02, TS03, TS03Q, TS04A, TS04B, TS04C, TS04D, TS07, TS08S, TS09 series
    * Gold Capacitors: TS12 series
    * Ceramic Capacitors: TS15, TS16, TS17A, TS17R series
    * Tantalum Capacitors: TS19, TS20 series
    * Safety Y capacitor: TS22 series
    * Diode & Bridge Rectifiers
    * Varistors: TSV series
    * Quartz Crystal
    * Trimming Potentiometers: TSR-3006, 3266, 3296, 3323, 3362, 3329, 3386, 3590, 3540, 3309, 065, 065X series

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