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Suntan Bridge Rectifiers is going to Cancel UL Approval in 2020

Suntan Technology Company Limited

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  • Here is message you will be concerned about: Suntan Bridge Rectifiers UL certification will be cancelled in 2020.We decide to cancel UL mark in advance to adapt to the market.

    Starting from August, we will no longer print “UL” marking for all of Bridge Rectifiers. (Please see the table below for a part of strong bridge rectifiers’ details.) However, we ensure Suntan Bridge Rectifiers are of better price with the same quality. Small orders and samples are available.

    Below Strong Bridge Rectifiers will be cancel UL certification
    ABS10 MB10S DB107 DB107S
    KBP210 RS207 KBL410 GBU410
    W10 GBJ610 KBJ610 KBU610
    BR2510W BR2510 SKBPC2516 SKBPC3516
    KBPC2510W KBPC2510 KBPC3510W KBPC3510