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Suntan Chip Tantalum Capacitors - TS20L (Low ESR) Comes Back

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  • Hi Everyone

    Do you need Chip Tantalum Capacitors recently? Here is the very good news for you! Suntan TS20L series had been discontinued for a really long time, however, now we announce that we can offer this Low ESR type of chip Tantalum Capacitors once again!
    Pls check our update datasheet as below, we also list the standard type TS20 series for your reference.

    You can contact us freely at sales@suntan.com.hk to order stock as early as possible.
    Chip Tantalum Capacitor:
    Standard SMD – TS20 Datasheet: http://suntan.com.hk/pdf/Tantalum-Capacitors/TS20.pdf
    Low ESR – TS20L Datasheet: http://suntan.com.hk/pdf/Tantalum-Capacitors/TS20L.pdf