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Suntan Has Launched Various Series Recently!!

Suntan Technology Company Limited

  • ---All Kinds of Capacitors
  • Good news! Our engineering team has been developing more and more products due to the increasing market demands and trends. We heard customers’ suggestions and feedback. Therefore, we are glad to announce that Suntan has launched new series recently. Know more? Take a look at the following products.

    Electrolytic Caps, Axial type: TS13AB / TS13AC / TS13AF / TS13AG
    Electrolytic Capacitors, SMD type: TS13CR / TS13CX / TS13CY
    Tantalum Capacitors: TS2501-TS2513, etc
    Quartz Crystal: TSQ-OSC3225 / TSQ-OSC5032 / TSQ-2060DIP
    All the product lines:

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