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Suntan Hybrid Tantalum Capacitor– TS25-08

Suntan Technology Company Limited

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  • Suntan's TS25-08 series is a hybrid tantalum capacitor with radial-lead, heteropolarity.

    • Tantalum case, Hermetically Sealed, Cylindrical, Radial-lead, Heteropolarity, with screws, convenient to fix.
    • Commingled by Electrolytic Tantalum Capacitor and Electrochemical Capacitor.
    • Stable in Electrical Performances, High Reliability, Long life-span, Maximum in the Density of Capacitance and Energy.
    • Built-in as battery in Energy-conversed-circuit & Power-pulsed-circuit, functioned as filtering, storage energy, time-delay circuit.
    For more details, please check its datasheet by clicking the following link:

    If any questions, please feel free to contact our sales at sales@suntan.com.hk