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Suntan Launched a New Diode – M7F

Suntan Technology Company Limited

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  • Suntan, a Hongkong established manufacturer of Capacitors, Trimming Potentiometers, Varistors, Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers and Switches, has launched a new diode – M7F, with SMAF package, at very low price.

    M7 SMAF Tape & Reel SPQ: 5Kpcs RoHS

    2KKpcs at US$3.3/Kpcs
    5KKpcs at US$2.9/Kpcs
    10KKpcs at US$2.8/Kpcs

    MOQ: 2KKpcs / shipment

    Look forward to hearing your order soon. Please contact sales at sales@suntan.com.hk.
    More specifications, please check our datasheet: