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Suntan Offer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in SMD Type

Suntan Technology Company Limited

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  • Dear Customers,

    I am wondering that do you also use aluminum electrolytic capacitors in SMD typed? Below is our item list, we have many different kinds of series that you can order. Please kindly note that our price is very competitive, if you can order in big quantity, we can offer the best price for you. If there is any new projects recently, please give us a chance to quote.

    TS13C0: Standard-85°C 2000H
    TS13C1: 105°C 2000H
    TS13C2: Bi-Polarized-85°C
    TS13C3: Bi-Polarized-105°C
    TS13C4: Low Impedance- 105°C
    TS13C5: Extra Lower Impedance-105°C
    TS13C6: Long Life Assurance
    TS13C7: Long Load Life-5000H
    TS13C8: High Reliability-125°C
    TS13C9: Low Leakage
    TS13CA: Super Low Impedance-105°C
    TS13CC: Mid-to-High voltage-125°C
    TS13CV: 105°C 3000H Long Life
    TS13CD: 105°C 6000H Long Life
    TS13CW: 105°C 10,000H Long Life

    Looking forward to receiving your inquiry.