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Suntan SMD 3mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor – TSC3S Series Will Increase Price Soon

Suntan Technology Company Limited

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  • Suntan, a Hongkong established manufacturer of Capacitors, Trimming Potentiometers, Varistors, Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers and Switches, informs you that our SMD 3mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor – TSC3S Series will increase price in the beginning of December 2018. Kindly remind you to place order to us in this week ASAP so that we can keep old price to you.
    In addition, following some small quantity are available at our Hongkong warehouse. Quantity will be changed at any time. Please send email to sales@suntan.com.hk to ask updating and confirm order. Thanks.

    TSC3S503T1R 27,000       at Hongkong warehouse
    TSC3S506T1R 27,000       at Hongkong warehouse
    TSC3S520T1R 10,000  at Hongkong warehouse
    TSC3S530T1R 10,000  at Hongkong warehouse