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Suntan Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Electronic Components

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  • The Schottky diode is a two terminal device, and it can be used in many of the same applications as a typical semiconductor diode. But it has some unique features.
    Features 1: Small reverse recovery time, it is used in the fast switching applications (SMPS, communication devices, and RF mixer and detector circuits)
    Features 2: Low forward voltage drop, it is used in the high power applications. (High current and relatively low power applications)

    A Schottky barrier rectifier primary purpose is to provide rectification, allow current to flow only easily along one specific direction. In this way, they are used in typical DC circuits to enable or block current or in AC circuits as part of wave shaping.

    There are some Common models for you’re to choose
    SR320 THRU SR3100 DO-27
    SR520 THRU SR5100 DO-27
    1.0A SMA-J Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS12-SS110
    5.0A SMC Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS52-SS510