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Suntan Varistor – TSV & TSVC Series

Suntan Technology Company Limited

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  • Suntan introduce our Varistor for you. Varistors are often used to protect circuits against excessive transient voltages by acting as a spark gap. We offer different size with different voltage of dipped and chip varistors, and the production volume is keep increasing. Pls send your inquiry to sales@suntan.com.hk/ info@suntan.com.hk to contact our sales team for more information.

    Suntan Varistor Datasheet
    Dipped Varistor – TSV Series: https://www.suntan.com.hk/pdf/Varistor/TSV.pdf
    SMD Varistor - TSVC Series: https://www.suntan.com.hk/pdf/Varistor/TSVC.pdf