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Suntan Ultra Capacitor - Standard Coin Type

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  • This week, we would like to introduce COIN TYPE ULTRA CAPACITOR – Gold Capacitors TS12-01 to you

    Following is a COIN TYPE ULTRA CAPACITOR specifications and features.

    Coin Type Ultra Capacitor Features
    Standard coin-type.
    Small-sized, large capacity.

    Coin Type Ultra Capacitor Specifications
    Series Name TS12-01 Series
    Rated Voltage VR 5.5V
    Surge Voltage 5.8V
    Capacity Range 0.1F~1.5F
    Operating Temperature Range -25~ +70℃
    Product Life Normal temperature cycle life:25℃,500,000 cycles between VR and 1/2VR , Capacity attenuation≤30% , ESR change≤4 times.
    High temperature endurance life:70℃,maintain VR, 1000 hours. Capacity attenuation≤30% , ESR change≤4 times.

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